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見た人に刺さる販促用マンガ動画 “ミセル”




miseru Co., Ltd. is a company that produces "Manga Video", a sales promotion sales tool that explains the service contents of various industries in a short time and in an easy-to-understand manner.
it takes a long time to present the service content of the business to other companies, or it is difficult to convey.
micelle proposes manga videos as one of the means to solve such problems.
we are trying to create such a video that will leave a lasting impression and convey the content while having the viewer enjoy it with the comical expression unique to manga.
create a bright and enjoyable society by using the power of manga, which is a Japanese culture.
we hope that it will be useful to everyone with the aim of becoming such a company.



manga video production for sales promotion
● as an explanation of the work of various consultants.
● as an explanation of the areas of specialty of various professionals.
● as a powerful sales tool for sales staff.
● as an explanatory tool for BtoB or BtoC business.


We are through the manga video production business
Contribute to customer sales promotion,
By realizing the creative ability and economic development of partner creators,
Contribute to the social development of Japan and the world.


  • 1.We thoroughly imagine the problems of our customers and aim for the maximum sales promotion effect.
  • 2.We conduct thorough hearings to meet the needs of our customers.
  • 3.Involved in manga video production to improve the effect that viewers act immediately We will continue to find human resources with the skills (screenplay, drawing, editing).


Qhow long is the manga video?
Amanga Video Micelle is basically a story manga video for 3 to 5 minutes.
before writing the script, I will do a hearing and think about the scenario. At that point, you will know the approximate length.
Qwhat is the video format?
A1920 x 1080px
we will deliver it as a video file in Mp4 format.
you can upload it to YouTube or paste it on your homepage or landing page.
the copyright of the delivered video remains with the customer permanently.
Qwhat about copyright?
Awe will deliver the entire video file as a video, so if you use the video as it is, we will permanently give you the copyright.
however, if you want to use it other than video, for example, if you want to make dolls or goods of the characters that appear in it, it will be a separate contract, so a separate fee will be charged. Please contact us for more information.
Qhow much is it?
Ait depends on how you use it, what you produce, and the length of the video.
please contact us for details.
since it is based on developing a story and producing it, please think that the length of the video is not shorter than 3 minutes.
Qplease tell me the production procedure.
A1 submit the application form and transfer the application fee to start the business.
2 schedule and hold a real or online meeting to decide the story of the manga video.
3 we will consider and submit a script (scenario) that will be enjoyed by those who have seen it as a manga video, while taking in the customer's intentions as much as possible.
4 make some corrections and finish.
5 if you agree on the finish, you will be required to pay the intermediate fee before moving on to drawing.
6 confirm the payment of the intermediate payment and start drawing work. We will proceed in the order of storyboard → rough → drawing, so we will set the timing so that you can check it at the point.
7 when you have finished editing, watch the video that says "For confirmation" on the screen. If you can deliver it without any problems, you will be required to pay the balance.
8 after paying the balance, we will deliver the video file in mp4 format via the Internet.
Qhow long does it take to deliver?
Ait depends on each production period and confirmation period, but if you request confirmation and get a reply in about 2 days, the average construction period is 2 months at the shortest and 3 months on average.
if you agree smoothly on the script, it will often be completed in a short period of time, so it is important to have a good discussion when writing the script.


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For inquiries and questions
Please feel free to contact us from here.